Avon Dialer


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Avon Dialer makes possible VoIP calls from VoIP blocked area. Avon dialer is available for Android, iPhone, Symbian 3rd and 5th edition phones. It also available for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.Dialers are offered on Pay-As-You-Go basis(Rental), making it easy for you to start your own branded VoIP service with minimum investment.

Avon Dialer is developed to make VoIP calls from supported mobile phone using EDGE, GPRS & WiFi Internet. Having a long range of compatible handset, this mobile dialer gives the flexibility to reach to end customer in more cost effective way. Cool Dialer allows to make VoIP calls using G729 codec with SIP protocol. Quality of service is the key to success in VoIP business.

AvonDialer have its proprietary anti firewall technology to avoid all sort of firewalls which makes it working from every place of the world. It has multiple stage protection plan against firewalls. It's superior bandwidth saving technology ensures it works from worst bandwidth situations where 3G is not available or not working as expected, or under congested network.

PC Dialer

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Avon runs perfectly on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Make calls right from your desktop with Avon PC dialer.

Mobile Dialer

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Avon Mobile Dialer is a mobile application or software-dialer to make VoIP call from mobile phone. This has been designed keeping VoIP service providers requirements in mind. Avon Mobile Dialer Express not only lets your clients make VoIP call from their mobile phone using your VoIP service, but will let you do the branding of your service as an operator.




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